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Ubisoft, my dear,

will you hire me?

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Or the Presentation Letter 3.0, you decide.


Paul F.




Yes, you!

I watched you grow up, you know? I saw you challenge 2D in an Unreal fashion. You've been a rebel since birth.


Later, I was moved by the poetic charm of Ray, your dismembered friend...(Not to be mixed up with the autistic guy who counts matches).


As I  frenetically handled my remote in front of my screen, enlightened by your cathodic aura, I hadn't yet realized that I already loved you.  Since then, discreetly among your fans, I have always been by your side. Haven't I?


Together we planned elaborate tactics to get you out of trouble. I swiftly eliminated those who were out to harm you.


Everywhere you went, I followed.



From the Holy Land to the US, from Rome to the Caribbean bays, I never left your side, (bonded by the growing emotions that you arose.) I accepted all your challenges with a passion that some judge as childish... ignorants!




Today, as I hazily gaze outside a window in a Mile End cafe, I nod and smile to myself as I think about our future together.



Yes I admit, like a school girl with Bieber Fever, I still to this day quiver at your releases. To be 'watched'...






As a vigorous entrepreneur, I am passionate about marketing and New Technologies. Not only am I French, like your mother, but I have recently distinguished myself in advertising (see how we're meant to be?)...


...But I presume this LinkedIn chatter must have already taken care of our introduction.


On top of that,

I work on two e-commerces that I refer to as my  “Test-toys” (You may be familiar? Minx!). I also read, learn and implement a lot of the concepts related to the marketing of Tech companies.


In short-Your parents need not worry, I make a good match…



You... Me... How could I say… it's not a fling, nor a one night stand, it's solid.


Let me be with you. They call me creative- let me spread my love through all the necessary communication channels. Let me into your womb to do what I have always willingly done (proof!)


I love you Ubi, give us a chance.


Will you hire me?

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Métaphore: from the  greek μεταφορά, relates to a pretentious style figure. See below: Arrogance.

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Skyline Look:

Fact of looking  far away to give yourself an inspired look

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Instagram: Technology enabling the improvement of  food, holidays and people.


ability to find subtle auto-gratifiying Facebook statuses

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Lyricism: Cruising technique disapeared in year 1 après Grinder

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Paul F.

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Solicited Position: Product Manager

Location: Montreal


Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag Trailer: